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Button Bits

Dynadrill Premium Quality Button Bits :

Dynadrill Button Bits range covers hole diameter 3" and upwards upto 24". Dynadrill DTH Button Bits are available for all Major DTH Hammer Brands.

  • DHD-3.5, Cop-34, M-30, A34-15, BR2,BR3
  • Panther, DHD -14, DH4,DHD-4,DHD-34OA,Cop-42, Cop-44,Mission 40, SD-4, QL-4, Secoroc-4" , Numa-4
  • DHD-16,DHD-160,DHD-360,QL-60,Mission 60, SD-6, Cop-62,Cop-64,Secoroc-6", Numa-6"
  • SD-8,DHD-380,COP-84,SECOROC-8'',NUMA-8, Mission 80
  • SD-10,NUMA-100
  • SD-12,NUMA-120


Special Features :

  • Computer analysis and laboratory trials have been used to optimize the number of buttons as well as their size and positioning throughout the bit front.
  • Carbide has been carefully designed to minimize the risk of button loss and button failure
  • The design of the bit body and the frontal sludge grooves provides uniform flushing with reduces steel wash on both bit and the hammer.
  • Material processes and multiple heat treatment have focussed on achieving maximum resistance to fatigue failure.
  • Special bit designs such as Concave and Convex/CB are available on request.

Button Bit Specifications